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Don’t Let Mosquitoes Ruin A Good Time

Whether it’s a graduation party, birthday party or backyard barbecue with friends and family, mosquitoes are never on the guest list. So, what do you do when they show up unannounced? Take action by hiring Mosquito Squad of North Central Orlando to protect you and your guests from outdoor pests and prevent them from coming to your special event.

How Does It Work?

Mosquito barrier treatments coat the surface of your plant beds, shrubs and trees, which kills pests including spiders and gnats from your property. So what steps should you take next?

  • Get a consultation: Let one of our licensed mosquito control technicians evaluate your property to see how we can best help. We’ll see how big your property is and search out possible breeding areas where pests might be rampant.

  • Set up at time: Depending on when you need the treatment, we are flexible and can arrange a time to treat the barrier one week before your big event. We can work around caterers and tent set-ups without a problem, so you don’t have to adjust your schedule. The treatment dries in 30 minutes, so there is no lingering odors during your event.

  • Get rid of the pests: We apply a thorough treatment that eliminates up to 90% of flying pests. The treatment takes about an hour and the barrier protects up to 21 days. In addition, we target breeding sites to prevent swarms from bothering you in the future.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Mosquito Squad of North Central Orlando wants you to enjoy your special day bug-free, so you and your guests can focus on what’s important.

    Check out our different treatment options to keep your property pest-free; we offer multiple treatment plans and even an all-natural barrier treatment option if you prefer not to put synthetic materials on your lawn. Everyone’s lifestyle and yards are different so we’re happy to customize a program that best fits your needs and budget.

    Don’t wait another day! Keep your property free of annoying insects, so you can enjoy your outdoor fun. Call Mosquito Squad of North Central Orlando today at 407-531-8100 for a free consultation.

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