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Holiday Event Treatment

There are few things more irritating in the moment than a mosquito. If you are hosting an outdoor event for a holiday, whether it be a party or some other kind of get-together, the last thing you want is for your guests to find the environment unbearable because they keep getting mosquito bites. Whether Thanksgiving, Halloween or Christmas, everyone around should be able to simply enjoy the event rather than having to deal with these annoying pests. This is where Mosquito Squad of North Central Orlando can be of assistance to you.

In order to protect you and your guests from outdoor pests, we will help you prepare your location for the holiday event. It will start with a free consultation, in which you will be asked about some of the specifics of your property and the event that is coming up.

After this, we will schedule a treatment of the property between 24 hours and one week before the event is to take place. All foliage on the property will then be treated, with a particular interest to all mosquito resting sites. This treatment is a time-controlled mosquito control solution that will keep on repelling and eliminating these unwanted intruders throughout your entire event and up to 3 weeks after.

After all this, we guarantee you an event that is nearly pest free. Our products, which are EPA approved, will diminish your problem by up to 90%. Our goal is protection of you and all of your guests at this holiday event, as well as prevention from pest problems. Mosquito Squad of North Central Orlando wants you to be able to count on us to help you make your event as memorable as possible without the nuisance of mosquitoes, so call us today at (407) 531-8100 to get started.

We hope you are happy with your Mosquito Squad service.. but if you’re not, we’ll do everything humanly possible to fix the issue. In the unlikely event that we can’t help, we’ll happily give your money back.

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